Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Mobile Phone

I was holding my old Sony Ericsson K500i since Sept 2007. Due to navigator key has problem on pressing "Down", therefore I have difficulty in typing SMS while using it few years back.

I'm thinking to get a new mobile phone. At this moment, the only attractive phone is... iPhone.

iPhone is the best 'fancy' phone I ever see in the market (So far). I've tried (not own) the Samsung Omnia and Nokia Music Express 5800. So far, the 'feel' is so different compare to iPhone. To be fair, iPhone offers smooth interface, multi-touch, sleek design and stability. However, if compare on the phone functions, it does not support MMS and lack of video call. The most important is Value vs Features!

Alternative, I would prefer to get an iPod Touch + HSDPA phone. At least, standby hour for HSDPA phone is longer compare to All-in-one iPhone 3G. (This is my personal point of view only)

Understand that iPhone 3.0 with 32GB NAND Chips, which starts production in early 2009, gonna released somewhere July 2009. See whether there is any surprise in term of features and price. Otherwise, iPhone will definitely to be my nice to have phone.
Blogger, anymore?

I started my blog since year 2005. Before that, I don't even know what is Blog at all...
First when I started, I just simply write something on it. Surprisingly I got feedback from my friend saying that "Please post more things". Slowly, I posted my working life in Jakarta, and I stop there until today.

Lately, I found that people like to post their journal in FB. Reason is because whenever there is update, people will notice immediately.

While other doing the simple way, some of my friend do post the blogger link in FB. Reason is because in Blog, it offers more flexible way to post your information with picture, and so forth.

Well, after few years of hibenating, now I'm back again :)